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Urgent or Emergency: Deciphering Signs of a Pet Health Crisis

When your pet becomes ill or injured, you may want to rush them immediately to the nearest veterinary hospital. However, although no one likes to see their four-legged friend in distress, not all situations warrant emergency care. Determining the type of care your pet requires can be tricky, but the main difference between urgent and [...]

A Guide to Essential Puppy Vaccines

Welcoming a new puppy into your family is an exciting and joyous occasion. However, along with all the cuddles and playtime, prioritizing your pup's health is crucial, and you must ensure they receive necessary vaccinations. Vaccines play a vital role in preventing various diseases and infections, establishing the foundation for your furry friend’s healthy and [...]

Nourish the Love: Tips for Pet Nutrition

In addition to regular preventive care, such as vaccinations, parasite prevention, dental cleanings, and screening tests, one of the best ways to keep your pet healthy is to feed them a balanced and nutritious diet. Proper nutrition provides the foundation for your pet’s health and wellness, and feeding inappropriate, poor-quality, or insufficient food can predispose [...]

Old Friend, Best Friend: 5 Ways to Support Your Senior Pet

Old friends are the best, especially when it comes to pets. Through the years, you and your pet have learned each other’s routines and rhythms, likes and dislikes, and endearing—and irritating—traits. And, through the ups and downs, you’ve formed a bond that is as close as your shadow and as automatic as your heartbeat. But, [...]

Welcome to the Family: New Puppy Considerations

Welcoming a new addition to your family is always exciting, and your mind is likely continuously adding items to your to-do list to ensure a smooth transition. Several considerations are extra important, so we offer five key recommendations to ease the process for you and your new four-legged family member and help your puppy get [...]

Navigating Diet Changes and Diarrhea in Pets

If your veterinarian recommends a new diet for your pet or you simply want to change brands, you must be careful about introducing new food to prevent your furry pal from developing gastrointestinal (GI) upset. Our Guam Pet Hospital team knows how distressing diarrhea can be for both you and your pet , and we [...]

Painful Paws: Arthritis in Dogs and Cats

Pets’ joints are exposed to a lifetime of wear and tear, often leading to arthritis. This common ailment affects the pet’s joints, causing them pain and reducing their mobility and quality of life, but many effective treatment options are available. In addition, you can help reduce your pet’s chances of developing arthritis, or at least [...]

Pancreatitis in Pets

If your pet indulges in a high-fat meal, they could develop pancreatitis, a painful condition that can make your four-legged friend extremely ill. To learn about pets’ pancreatitis, read our Guam Pet Hospital team’s guide to this condition. A healthy pancreas in pets The pancreas is a glandular organ that lies under the stomach along [...]

Protecting Pets from Heatstroke During the Dog Days of Summer

Heat-related illness is common in pets living on Guam where summer temperatures and humidity can soar, but it can happen to any pet, anywhere. The classic scenarios leading to heatstroke are pets left in cars, pets left in backyards without shade or water, or exercising a pet for too long when they haven’t had a [...]

How Fear, Anxiety, and Noise Affect Your Pet’s Behavior

A growing trend in veterinary medicine has been the recognition that pets not only have physical health needs, but also emotional and behavioral needs. Ignoring your pet’s mental suffering can diminish their quality of life, but many people don’t recognize when their pet feels fear, anxiety, or stress. The Guam Pet Hospital team wants pet [...]

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