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Painful Paws: Arthritis in Dogs and Cats

Pets’ joints are exposed to a lifetime of wear and tear, often leading to arthritis. This common ailment affects the pet’s joints, causing them pain and reducing their mobility and quality of life, but many effective treatment options are available. In addition, you can help reduce your pet’s chances of developing arthritis, or at least [...]

Pancreatitis in Pets

If your pet indulges in a high-fat meal, they could develop pancreatitis, a painful condition that can make your four-legged friend extremely ill. To learn about pets’ pancreatitis, read our Guam Pet Hospital team’s guide to this condition. A healthy pancreas in pets The pancreas is a glandular organ that lies under the stomach along [...]

Protecting Pets from Heatstroke During the Dog Days of Summer

Heat-related illness is common in pets living on Guam where summer temperatures and humidity can soar, but it can happen to any pet, anywhere. The classic scenarios leading to heatstroke are pets left in cars, pets left in backyards without shade or water, or exercising a pet for too long when they haven’t had a [...]

How Fear, Anxiety, and Noise Affect Your Pet’s Behavior

A growing trend in veterinary medicine has been the recognition that pets not only have physical health needs, but also emotional and behavioral needs. Ignoring your pet’s mental suffering can diminish their quality of life, but many people don’t recognize when their pet feels fear, anxiety, or stress. The Guam Pet Hospital team wants pet [...]

Is Your Pet’s Itching Caused By Allergies?

Guam’s warm, wet climate provides the ideal growing ground for allergens, like pollen, mold, and fleas, that can trigger allergies in pets, and more and more cats and dogs are suffering from itchy skin and ears. To help you identify and manage allergies in your pet, our Guam Pet Hospital team has put together the [...]

Responsible Breeding Practices for Pet Owners

Dogs and cats have been breeding without human assistance for millennia, but as veterinary medicine research uncovers more about preserving canine and feline health, pet owners are stepping in to help manage pet breeding. While dogs are more commonly bred to achieve a specific purpose, such as a certain character or physical trait, cats can [...]

A Guide to Common Pet Toxins

Pets typically don’t have the most discerning palates, and sometimes they may accidentally ingest a toxin, potentially experiencing serious health complications. Read our Guam Pet Hospital team’s guide to common pet toxins, and how you can reduce your furry pal’s toxin exposure risk. Foods can be toxic to pets Always keep in mind that many [...]

Pet Dental Health

Dental care is one of the most important—and often most overlooked—components of a pet’s health. Periodontal disease is the most diagnosed dental disease in pets, and almost all pets have dental disease signs by age 3. Like humans, pets need regular dental exams and cleanings as well as an at-home dental care routine. Our team [...]

Preventive Care for Your Puppy

Preventive care, like vaccinations and deworming, can help your four-legged friend remain happy and healthy for years to come. Although a trip to the veterinarian with a perfectly healthy puppy may seem a waste of time, investing in regular preventive and wellness care will save money—and potentially your pet’s life—in the long run. Preventing serious [...]

Snort, Sniffle, Gasp—Health Problems in Brachycephalic Pets

We’re drawn to brachycephalic pets and consider them extra cute because of their large, round eyes and flat faces that resemble human babies and activate our nurturing instincts—and we fall hopelessly in love. Brachycephalic breeds can be wonderful companions, but they generally have health problems that require a higher monetary investment than other pet breeds. [...]

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