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Beware That Bite: What You Need to Know About Heartworm Disease in Your Pet

Heartworm disease is a common, but easily prevented, disease among pets here in Guam. The disease can cause permanent damage to your pet’s circulatory, cardiac, and respiratory systems, and may be fatal. Read on to learn more about this mosquito-borne illness, and how to best protect your pet from disease.  How is heartworm disease transmitted [...]

4 Reasons Your Pet Needs a Health Certificate

Maybe you are planning a vacation, or you are moving off-island. If your pet is accompanying you on your travels, they will need a health certificate. These documents are paramount, to ensure your pet is healthy enough to travel, and to help prevent disease spread. Our team at Guam Pet Hospital wants you to understand [...]

The Itch They Can’t Scratch—Skin Disease in Pets

Allergies—the thought alone can invoke dread in any sufferer. As we sniffle and sneeze our way through seasonal allergies, our pets itch and scratch. What exactly are our pets reacting to? Guam Pet Hospital takes a look at the types of pet allergies, and methods to manage them.   What are allergies in pets? An [...]

Veterinary Emergency Guidelines for Pet Owners

You want your pet to receive the care they need, but you may not know if you should schedule an appointment for your pet’s issue, or if you need to rush them in for immediate medical attention. Our team at Guam Pet Hospital wants to provide guidelines to help you know what constitutes a veterinary [...]

Your Pet’s Dental Health Questions Answered

Have you ever wondered what causes doggy breath, or why some of your pet’s teeth are covered in a hard brown substance? Wonder no more, because Guam Pet Hospital has answers to all your burning questions about your pet’s dental health. Question: How can dental disease harm my pet? Answer: You may think dental disease [...]

5 Ways to Prevent Disease In Your Pet

An unprotected pet is highly susceptible to serious—and potentially fatal—illness and disease. Fortunately for your furry pal, you can minimize their risk for contracting infectious illnesses, despite Guam’s overwhelming stray pet population and rampant disease. By embracing regular wellness care at Guam Pet Hospital and practicing hygiene and safety protocols at home, you can help [...]

5 Myths About Microchipping Pets

You may have heard about microchipping your pet, but you’re not completely sure about its benefits, or how it works. Not to worry—many pet owners do not understand microchipping until it’s explained in detail, and common myths are banished. Our Guam Pet Hospital team wants our community to understand that a microchip is critical for [...]

Pet Vaccinations 101: Your Guide to Vital Vaccinations for Your Pet

As a pet owner, you want to keep your furry pal happy and healthy to enjoy many years by your side, and there’s no better way than through preventive care. By engaging in regular physical exams, parasite prevention, and essential vaccinations, you can help your four-legged friend live a long and healthy life. Many fatal [...]

Preventing Pesky Parasites in Your Pet

Our four-legged companions fill our lives with joy, wet noses, and furry cuddles. Pet parents enjoy a symbiotic relationship with their furry pals and frequently share meal times, exercise activities, and sleeping spaces together—some of the many benefits to having a pet. However, sharing time with your pet should not include sharing and spreading hitchhiking [...]

6 Tips to Keep Your New Puppy Healthy

Whether you plan to adopt a new pet for the holidays, or recently added a new puppy to your family, your pup’s first year is their most important. Your new furry family member needs your support to develop a strong immune system, fight off life-threatening parasites and diseases, and grow up into a healthy adult [...]

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