Gold-Standard Care

For gold-hearted pets.


Routine physical examinations are the foundation of a healthy and happy life for your pet. Dr. Bob will perform a very thorough examination on your dog or cat and will educate you about how to best care for their health needs. During your visit, he will take your pet's vitals, examine their skin, nose, mouth, eyes, and will look for the subtle signs of health issues or disease. This way, if something is amiss, we can catch it earlier on, when it is much easier to treat. Pets should have physical exams at least once a year, and senior pets (or pet's with underlying health conditions) should have exams at least once every six months.
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Periodontal disease is one of the most common health conditions that we see in pets. In fact, most dogs and cats over the age of three show signs of this progressive health condition. The disease begins when food particles aren't quickly brushed away after your pet eats. These particles harden because of minerals in your pet's saliva, turn into tartar, and make its way beneath your pet's gum line. Here, a chain reaction starts where bacteria grows, supporting structures are eroded, and toxins spread into the bloodstream. Periodontal disease is uncomfortable for pets, and can actually shorten their expected life span. But not to worry - it's 100% treatable! We perform professional dental cleanings to stop periodontal disease in its tracks. A healthier mouth, a happier life, and a grateful pet.
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Life should be easy. That's why we work to make filling your pet's medications as simple as possible. In most cases, we can dispense your pet's medication during your appointment. If, for some reason, we are unable to fill the prescription during our visit, we can provide a prescription that you can use at your pharmacy or distributor of choice.
Refills: Please give us a weeks notice prior to running out by contacting us at 671-682-8890.
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Digital X-Rays

We are passionate about elevating the standard of veterinary medicine for pets in Guam. That is why we have best-in-class digital x-rays. These are multiple generations ahead of anything else on the island. Within moments, our x-ray equipment can look beneath the surface of your pet's skin for foreign bodies, tumors, broken bones, arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other conditions or injuries. This significantly improves patient care, treatment plans, and can even save lives.
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Microchipping is a proven way to improve the odds of reuniting with a lost pet. When pets run away or get lost, they often lose their collar and ID tags. A microchip ID is about the size of a grain of rice, and it is easily implanted under your pet's skin. The procedure is fast, inexpensive, and simple - it's similar to giving a pet a vaccination. Shelters and veterinary practices have microchip readers, and when they find lost or stolen pets, the first thing they will do is scan for a microchip. If your pet was microchipped, they will find your information on it. It's a powerful way you can increase the odds that your pet stays happy, healthy, and by your side for their entire life.
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Diagnostics are an important component of high quality veterinary care. We have two full array Laboratory Abaxsis systems with the same technology that was developed by Nasa, because your pet is oh-so-worth it.

Some of the diagnostics we preform are:
  • Blood panels
    • Urine analysis
    • Fecal testing
    • Thyroid testing
    • Diabetes testing
    • Parasitic testing
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Senior Pet Care

Dogs and cats that qualify as "seniors" have different health needs than their younger counterparts. The "senior" classification depends on breed - some dogs become seniors as soon as four years old, while others reach senior age between seven and ten years of age. Senior pets should have health exams every six months so that we can closely examine any changes to your pet's health and behavioral baseline, and treat issues as early as possible. It will also help us identify ways to improve your pet's quality of life, as many senior pets face the same common issues.
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Health Certificates

Dr. Bob is a USDA accredited veterinarian and is able to issue travel health certificates. We recommend making your appointment to have your pet examined at least ten days prior to your pet's flight. Upon examination, your pet's documentation will be reviewed, and any required vaccinations and preventatives will be updated. You will be issued a certificate to be taken to the territorial veterinarian for signature.
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Euthanasia and Cremation

The hardest part is always saying goodbye. We are passionate about helping you do so in a compassionate and respectful way. Dr. Bob cares deeply about animals, and will treat your pet like he would his own. He will help you determine whether it is time based on your pet's quality of life, and will honor your wishes. If you have questions about if it's time, please call us so that we can advise you on what we would do if your pet were our own.
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