How to Spot Cancer Signs in Your Pet

The Veterinary Cancer Society estimates one in four dogs will develop cancer during their lifetime, and almost 50% of dogs older than age 10 will develop the disease. Fortunately, half of all canine cancers are treatable when diagnosed in the early stages. While cancer’s many early signs can be vague and nonspecific—and may indicate a [...]

Is My Pet Overweight? How You Can Tell and What You Should Do

Keeping your pet at a healthy weight is about more than good looks—it can be a matter of life or death. Overweight pets (i.e., those who weigh 10% to 20% more than their ideal body weight) are more susceptible to life-threatening diseases, debilitating pain, and chronic inflammation. Knowing how to assess your pet’s weight and [...]

Me-OW! Cat Urinary Conditions and Emergencies

Cats are susceptible to numerous urinary disorders, including a life-threatening emergency known as urethral blockage. We explain feline urinary disorder causes, signs, and prevention, and describe when your cat needs veterinary care and treatment at Guam Pet Hospital. Common cat urinary conditions: Feline lower urinary tract disorder Feline lower urinary tract disorder (FLUTD) is the [...]

5 Arthritis Warning Signs Pet Owners Need to Know

Arthritis affects approximately one in three dogs during their lifetime and, according to various studies, as many as 60 to 90%  of cats. But, despite its common presence, arthritis is not a natural or healthy part of aging—it’s a painful and degenerative condition that deserves veterinary attention and care. Because pets naturally hide pain and [...]

Do’s and Don’ts to Prevent Common Pet Emergencies

Emergency veterinary visits are upsetting and stressful, and while you cannot avoid all pet emergencies, you can take precautions to lower your pet’s risk. Our team at Guam Pet Hospital wants to help by offering do’s and don’ts that will help prevent common pet emergencies. DO ensure your pet receives regular wellness exams Many emergencies [...]

7 Top Tips for Pet Travel

Travel can be stressful—so, if you’re heading off island with your pets, check out these simple tips from Guam Pet Hospital that will help ensure a smooth, successful trip for all two- and four-legged travelers. We can guide you through this process and help ensure your pets arrive safely at their final destination. #1: Determine [...]

Signs Your Pet Could Be Suffering from Allergies

Allergy season is here, and not only people are sniffing and sneezing—allergies plague pets, too. The team at Guam Pet Hospital is here to share the signs that could indicate your pet is suffering from an allergy. Learn what to look for and how to treat your pet’s allergies. What causes allergies in pets? Like [...]

Avoid the Heartbreak—Protect Your Pet From Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease is a deadly but completely preventable condition affecting dogs. Yet, despite the ready availability of effective preventives, the disease continues to thrive, and is now considered endemic in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and right here at home in Guam.  Our warm tropical climate makes the island a natural paradise [...]

6 Common Causes of Coughing in Pets

Pet owners know their pet’s likes, dislikes, and daily habits, and can often set the clock by their pet’s demand for dinner. However, sudden changes in your pet’s daily habits or behavior can concern pet owners. For example, your pet may occasionally cough, likely because of a sudden irritation in a dog, or a furball [...]

Pet Dental Health Do’s and Don’ts

Your pet’s dental health can have a huge impact on their overall wellbeing and quality of life, yet periodontal disease in pets is preventable if addressed appropriately. Our team at Guam Pet Hospital wants to help by providing do’s and don’ts to keep your pet’s mouth healthy, so these problematic consequences can be avoided. DO [...]

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